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You Were Born to Heal Paperback (Copy)


This item will be released October 6, 2023.


In You Were Born to Heal you will learn how to:

    • Release the residual pain from divorce or separation that’s keeping you from moving forward.
    • Identify patterns that influence who you choose and how you behave in intimate relationships.
    • Move forward from the challenges and setbacks you’ll face along your journey.
    • Aide time in the healing process and support your emotional wellness.
    • Prepare for a successful relationship going forward.
    • Leverage what you’re going through for growth and transformation.
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It’s not just the pain, it’s the pivot: adjusting to being single again, a change in routine, co-parenting, financial impacts. There’s more to a divorce than the emotional experience.  It can represent a significant loss, not just of the marriage, but of dreams and commitments once shared. It’s not uncommon to socially withdraw, jump into unhealthy relationships, have your self-esteem and confidence shaken, or lose your desire to open up your heart again. The uncertainty and fears about the future can have you acting out of character and stunt your growth.

The good news is you were born to heal, and this book will show you how.  With the right self-care routine in place, you’ll deepen your self-awareness, learn how to manage the ups and downs of your emotions, boost your confidence and self-esteem, and make more informed decisions in life as a whole, not just in your relationships. This transformation process will teach you how to release the nonessential parts of your old self in order to make room for something new.

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