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If you are here looking for answers, hope, or just encouragement, these two free resources can help.

These tools will assist you in navigating through a divorce, separation, or significant breakup with clarity and confidence.


I understand the struggle you are facing and these tools aided my clients and myself.

 I came through my divorce stronger and renewed after completing my own journey of healing and rebuilding.  For many years afterward I’ve coached, counseled, and directed men and women through their own challenging periods, to the transformed life they desired.  I designed these two tools based on what I learned and provided to others.   

Free Offer #1:

Grow Through What You Go Through Worksheet

This free resource will help you take a step back and gain something crucial…clarity.

At a time when so much can feel like it’s swirling around you and the ground you stand on feels unstable. 

I want to show you how to transform one of life’s biggest challenges into a catalyst for a new outlook, a changed life, and a better future.    

We’ll start with eight questions and include special insights from me on each question to help you create a vision to ignite wellness (and growth) from the inside, outward…starting today. 

Answering these questions will help rebuild your life, piece by piece, with patience and courage.

Free Offer #2:

10 Ways to Reinvent Yourself After a Relationship is Over

While breakups can be painful, that pain can serve a positive purpose: it can be the catalyst for reinventing yourself. After a breakup, you have new-found free time and the motivation to make a change. The key is to learn something from the experience and then springboard into a new life.

How do you go about making a positive change?

Consider the strategies offered in this worksheet.

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Two Simple but Powerful Resources to Help You Overcome the Pain of Your Separation or Divorce & Reclaim Your Life

Both offers are totally free.  Please click the link below for full details.